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GICH  INDUSTRY has been engaged in Manufacture of Press Machine Original Equipment Manufacturer for 30 years of experience. From the Metal Hardware Original Equipment Manufacturer export to Mold production related products for customers. Continue to customer-oriented and quality first deep plowing customers for direction. In order to enhance competitiveness, escalate own machinery equipment and provide more services to customers. Have product design, produce sample products, stamping, plastic, die-casting mold development and product manufacturing mass production ability to provide diverse needs of customers fast. Therefore, GICH gets trust of manufacturers and many manufacturers are willing to give product development tasks to GICH and to become a good customer product development partner.

Plant Equipment

Equipment : Vertical Milling Machine 18#, 4.5 feet Lathe, 300x600 Surface Grinder
Pneumatic Punch:250Tx1,200Tx1
Mechanical Press:150Tx1,80Tx1
Some dozens of General Type Punches
Hydraulic Press,Press Brake,Mechanical Welding Machine x 4


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